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  • Local Catholic News

    • April 2
      - Mitchell Palmquist
      125 Years at St. Patrick in Hillyard
      This past St. Patrick’s Day saw the celebration of 125 years of parish life at Hillyard’s St. Patrick Parish. Bishop Daly, along with Bishop Emeritus Skylstad and many former pastors, were on hand to celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving with the community. The historic church was filled with current and former parishioners celebrating their community and offering their gratitude to God for the work he has done through St. Patrick’s church. At this same Mass, two young people from the parish received the sacrament of Confirmation and their first Communion. At 125 years, the parish is passing on the faith and looking to the future with hope.
    • April 1
      - Mitchell Palmquist
      Heaven Sent: New Trinity School Opens
       In 1917 parishioners of St. Anthony Church in Spokane’s North Central neighborhood began talking about opening a school to educate their children. Unfortunately, World War I and lack of funds prevented the school from opening until 1928. Bishop Charles White donated $10,000 and the parishioners raised the remaining $15,000, so that, on Sept. 4, 1928, St. Anthony School was opened.
    • April 1
      - Mitchell Palmquist
      Lean in: Embracing the Great Commission
      St. Peter Parish on the South Hill seeks to shift parish culture from maintenance to mission
    • April 1
      - Lisa Simpson
      Nightwalk Ministry active at House of Charity and CCS Housing
      Catholic Charities would like to share some of the recent good works of Nightwalk Ministry and express our gratitude for the wonderful things they do. Co-coordinators Deacon Kelly Stewart and Deacon Chalo Martinez continue to lead a dedicated group of volunteers in a variety of activities that benefit our programs and the greater community.
    • April 1
      - Claudia Sobczuk
      Deer Park Parishioners 'Burn their Mortgage'
      “Built of Living Stones” was the 2003 building fund campaign theme for St. Mary Presentation’s new church in Deer Park, Wash. As a parish, we recognized that the sacrifices of our community were the “living stones” which made our success possible.